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Hi everyone,
I have been quilting quilts for many years. However, I know there are many people that do. I do enjoy the process & freedom to quilt as I feel inspired to do so. But, my time is valuable just like yours. I started out with charging .025 per square inch. This is very difficult being, some patterns use much more thread than others. And if you want me to cut, sew, square it up & bind it that is extra.  I will try to put some prices out there. However there are many variables.  I do ask that you purchase our batting & backing when you can, we have 12 backings in stock right now. As I sell down in fabric, I will probably order more double wide quilt backing.  Our sign says, Tri-State Sewing & Quilting, Inc.  
This is what we do, I do a quality job. (Besides selling PFAFF & Handi Quilter machines.) I try to give you an idea, however, like I said it is difficult, I also have a meter on my Amara machine, that shows me how long it took to do one quilt.
Please let me know, any positive feedback, we appreciate your business.
We do want to sell our Amara, with Pro-Stitcher, so if this interests you please reach out & call us 712-258-1188 asking $17500.00, plus if you are in the area, we can set it up for you. You would recieve a new frame shipped to you. This would just be for our demo Amara & Pro-Stitcher.